Wedding Magic

When it comes to wedding entertainment, you want to be sure that everything is just perfect. The one way of being assured of a seamless and fun day is to opt for the Craig’s Magic. He is unparalleled in his expertise, adds just the right amount of fun, is witty and entertaining and can keep your guests engaged like no other performer can.

Weddings are very important events and there are different ceremonies that take place during the day. But there are also some phases during which there is a “lull” in between events and this is when you need to keep the mood of your guests going. When you have Craig in board, this is one aspect of your event you will never have to stress about. The kind of wedding magic and close up magic he has expertise in, is perfect for weddings.

Setting the Right Mood

His magic goes a long way in creating a very warm yet charged atmosphere and when he is performing his magic tricks, there is palpable excitement in the air. He is very skilful in the manner in which he performs, but what makes Craig’s presence even more valuable is that he makes everybody feel involved.

Craig will mingle with your guests, know exactly when to perform a trick or two and up the mood of the event. He is a top class wedding magician with a distinctive edge. Very importantly, he is an inventor of various wedding magic tricks and there is never anything stale in the manner in which he performs and the tricks he presents.

Professional Services

There are times when you see magicians at weddings, which stand out from the crowd like a sore thumb. But when you choose a sophisticated and professional wedding magician like Craig, you know for a fact that your event will be lively and that your guests will be kept entertained and thrilled. Now, don’t worry about that “dead time” which is a part of any wedding.

While the bride and groom are busy getting their photographs taken, Craig will fill in these and any other awkward and quiet moments with his fascinating magic tricks. Make your special occasion even more unique and memorable and wow your guests too. If you are looking for a talented and classy wedding magician, contact Craig’s Magic on 07816 989946 or via this contact form. For specific requirements please use this booking form.

Performances are typically 2 to 2.5 hours. However, this may be tailored to your personal preference, by arrangement.