Close Up Magic

There is something about close up magic that can make even the most disinterested person at an event, sit up and take notice. This is a skill and art that not everyone can carry off with elegance. But when you have Craig performing his special tricks at your wedding, corporate event or private party, you will know exactly how stunning and entertaining his magic is.

The Skilled Entertainer

Craig is not just a skilled magician, he is an entertainer to the core- he is funny, witty, has presence of mind and ensures that all you guests are caught up in the tidal wave of his magic. He is charming and subtle and he mingles with your guests in a seamless manner.

Not only does he perform some unique card tricks, but is a treasure house when it comes to creating and performing tricks like you have never seen before.

He is gifted, talented, professional and friendly and a pleasure to have at any event. He is always in sync with the crowd and so if its casual event he will discard his formal tone and blend in perfectly with your guests. On the other hand, if it’s a corporate event that he is performing at, the entertainment will be laced with just the right amount of formalness.

The Perfect Start

Close up magic is one of the best ways to start a function and once you have a good start, it’s easier to keep the rest of the event upbeat too. If you have ever witnessed a close up magician, you will know what a significant difference it makes to an evening. This is especially true of events where the guests don’t really know each other. Craig’s Magic helps in creating a very relaxed atmosphere; magic becomes a meeting point and a very effective ice-breaker.

A World Class Magician

Craig is truly a world-class close up magician who invents magic tricks that are entertaining and intriguing and so in addition to all the cards, keys, coins and other borrowed objects that he uses in his performances, he thrills your guests with tricks that no one has ever seen before.

So, don’t stress over how to keep your guests entertained before the wedding breakfast, between the courses in any meal, at a cocktail reception or just before your corporate event takes off its feet- simply call Craig to perform his close up magic at any walk-around events. For enquiries or bookings, contact Craig’s Magic on 07816 989946 or via this contact form. For specific requirements please use this booking form.

Performances are typically 2 to 2.5 hours. However, this may be tailored to your personal preference, by arrangement.