Corporate Magic

Magic is like a levelling field that brings people from diverse backgrounds together on a platform where everyone is equally thrilled and amazed. It is the perfect way to entertain guests at your corporate event. The mood may be a formal one, but unleashing a bit of magic is the perfect way of catalysing the evening.

As a company, you organise a number of events such as Christmas bashes and employee and client parties. And when you have important guests you want to be sure that the entertainer you choose will have the sophistication to handle the job perfectly.

The Outstanding Entertainer

When you opt for Craig’s Magic you know you are making the right choice. He performs breathtaking corporate magic and can relate amazingly well to all your corporate guests. He has a very distinctive wit and showcasing skill and knows exactly when the time is right to perform and when it isn’t. You will find a slew of magicians in the market today, but Craig is one of the rare few who have the skills, tact and the ability to turn an event into a very special one.

When Experience Counts

Magic has the power to do that, but only a highly skilled magician will know how to be completely in-sync with the guests. If you are looking for corporate magic that is a class apart and one which will leave your guests awed and enthralled, Craig is the best choice. He has performed at literally hundreds of company events and can perform all levels of mix & mingle magic and table magic. He will keep even your highest corporate guests entertained in the best way possible.

Magic with an Edge

His vast experience as a corporate magician is what gives his performance a distinctive edge and your guests will go back talking about what a thoroughly good time they had. If you are looking for entertainment with just the right amount of formalness and professionalism, do not look any further.

Do not miss out on the entertainment factor in your corporate event. Opt for the services of one of the most awesome and entertaining close up magicians in the UK. For enquiries or bookings about corporate magic, contact Craig’s Magic on 07816 989946 or via this contact form. For specific requirements please use this booking form.

Performances are typically 2 to 2.5 hours. However, this may be tailored to your personal preference, by arrangement.