Unlimited Skill and Charisma

The videos on this page capture his charisma, the skill with which he performs magic, the variety of tricks he has up his sleeve and the awe, disbelief and glee that is writ large on the faces of his audience. Very few magicians are comfortable with showing entire unedited clips of their performances. But Craig is very confident about his art and on this page you will find videos of a number of his performances.
It’s difficult to find a person who does not love magic. Well, even if you don’t love it, you are sure to be either amazed or intrigued by it. And when it is performed by a natural like Craig, it becomes all the more interesting and mind-blowing. There are people who will gaze in true child-like wonder at a particularly good trick, while others will scrutinize the trick to try to find out exactly how the magician did it.

Close Up Magic

Though magic shows that are conducted on a stage interest people, it’s street magic that has become all the rage across the UK and the world. One of the primary reasons for this is the fact that close up magic somehow has a more “real” quality and keeps the audience involved in a very interesting manner. There is a definite wow factor to this kind of magic and seeing the magician perform tricks at such close quarters can also turn a hardcore atheist into a believer.

A Unique Style

Every magician has his/her special style when it comes to presenting their magic, but there is something extremely intriguing about the manner in which Craig keeps his audience involved and engaged in the tricks he is performing. As he moves through the guests at any wedding, private party or corporate event, performing his magic tricks at different tables and in front of groups of people, there is a distinct aura about him.

Hire the Expert

Check the ease with which Craig keeps his audience engaged and amazed, and you will notice the amount of energy he pours into all his performances. These videos are unedited versions of different magic acts at different venues. So, get ready to watch Craig’s close up magic, up close and personal.

As you click through the videos, you will realise that the elegance and professionalism with which Craig performs is unique and alluring. For enquiries or bookings, contact Craig’s Magic on 07816 989946 or via this contact form. For specific requirements please use this booking form.